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The philanthropy will add to its ongoing initiative to tell diverse stories with new monuments in public spaces over the next five years.

11/28/2023 10:43:34 AM

The directors, who are part of an art collective, wind up stretching architecture’s net in so many directions that it begins to fray.

11/28/2023 1:19:22 PM

Last time the top jobs at some of the country’s most prestigious art institutions came up, many went to foreign candidates. This time, that’s unlikely.

11/28/2023 10:56:28 AM

After a five-year renovation, some of the museum’s grandest galleries have reopened. Our critic frames six artworks you cannot miss.

11/24/2023 9:08:10 AM

The Gullah Geechee fight to preserve the tiny structures, a cradle of the Black church, before they’re erased by sprawl, climate change and fading memories.

11/23/2023 10:55:34 AM

Two powerhouse female painters, both brand names, are on view in New York galleries. Compare and contrast.

11/23/2023 10:17:19 AM

The Frick, with these not-to-miss treasures by Bellini and Giorgione, manages to get at the origins of our art-watching obsession.

11/22/2023 9:32:12 AM

An exhibition at Berlin’s Jewish Museum explores the Jewish experience in the authoritarian, and officially atheist, communist state throughout the Cold War era.

11/24/2023 3:41:37 AM

Want to see new art in New York this weekend? Check out Keltie Ferris’s body prints in Chelsea; “Wild Style” memorabilia in SoHo; Joseph J. Greer’s steel sculptures in Chinatown; and Qualeasha Wood’s Jacquard tapestries on the Lower East Side.

11/22/2023 10:43:46 AM

A New Hampshire couple was quite happy when a rare N.C. Wyeth work they stumbled upon sold for so much at auction. But when the buyer reneged, the sale and their vacation dreams were undone.

11/28/2023 10:13:31 AM